The Damned, Stories of Slaughterhouse Workers


DirectorAnne-Sophie Reinhardt

AuthorAnne-Sophie Reinhardt



Duration 66 minutes

The Damned, Stories of Slaughterhouse Workers -
Slaughterhouse workers talk about their work.Their testimonies reveal how this “world apart”, at the very limits of the human condition, affects the health of workers. The film relate the daily battle men and women who work in slaughterhouses have to fight against their own emotions to “hold on”. Through the course of their stories, the mental images that inhabit them are gradually revealed, and in places, one can guess all those they prefer not to deliver. Shot in the forest, a symbolic space of refuge and isolation, the documentary does not show any image captured in a slaughterhouse.

VOFST English
With the participation of France Télévisions - France 2, CNC, de la Région Ile-de France et de la Procirep Angoa
Luchon International festival : Originality of the subject award