Les Batelières Productions, set up in September 2013, was born from the meeting of Justine Henochsberg and Julie Guesnon Amarante.

After graduating law school, Justine Henochsberg worked for five years as an administrator at the Cinémathèque Française (Cinémathèque de la Danse). She then took charge of the development of The Magic Lantern in France for the Etoile Cinémas group of independent cinemas.
After obtaining a diploma in journalism, cinema and anthropology, Julie Guesnon Amarante was, for over eight years the main producer for a number of projects at La Générale de Production. Among others, she was head of production for “Le Président” by Yves Jeuland (2010) and for numerous documentaries shown on Arte and France Télévision and sold around the world.
The meeting between Justine Henochsberg and Julie Guesnon Amarante gave rise to a shared desire to create a unique structure that was representative of their combined talents and experiences.
Les Batelières Productions is a company that produces both cinema and audiovisual projects. They have an editorial line that favours films concerned with society, politics and culture, as well as projects destined for a younger audience.



Les Batelières Productions

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