Truck Driver


DirectorMeryem-Bahia Arfaoui

AuthorMeryem-Bahia Arfaoui

StateIn development


Duration 52 minutes

Zina always dreamt to drive trucks. As an adult, she left her native Algeria to fulfil this dream. Today, every week, she boards her semi-truck cab to transport her truck from one end of France to the other. Now a truck driver, Zina works in this road environment which evolves in a singular dimension. Her place is always to be won, always to be taken. Zina endures, resists, builds her strategies and breaks the sexist stereotypes every time it is necessary to do something and to make her voice heard. Every time it is necessary to make her rights heard.
On the road, this film proposes an immersion in her daily life and an exploration of a little inhabited universe, constantly crossed, where the closed door of a cabin can become an immense space of freedom.

Avec la participation d'Arte France, du CNC, de la PROCIREP-ANGOA et de la région Occitanie