Looking for Simone


DirectorNathalie Masduraud et Valérie Urrea

AuthorNathalie Masduraud et Valérie Urrea

StateIn development


Duration 90 minutes

Imagined as a journey of initiation through Simone de Beauvoir's Americas, Looking for Simone takes us through a series of landscapes, all marked by the thoughts of the Second Sex. From Mississippi to Alberta, a road trip that follows in the philosopher's footsteps. It is there, in these lands of
It was there, in these lands of segregation, that she found the inspiration for her feminist essay. A journey through territories where women survive, white, Amerindian, black, rich, poor, with or without a job. Fascinated by this country, which in her eyes brings together the worst and the best, predatory and brutal liberalism as much as mad love, Simone de Beauvoir never ceased to confront her personal commitment to
collective experience. She often returned to this continent, which was the first to really grasp her avant-garde theories. She injected new, less biological, more political issues. Looking for Simone, an intimate and political quest, summoning the greatest figures in the history of feminism: Angela Davis, Judith Butler, Silvia Federici or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. From Women committed to the territory of reality as well as to the realm of thought. A journey in the company of Simone de Beauvoir and her cult work which places freedom above all else. A new reading of the Second Sex. A reversed vision of our History.

En coproduction avec Arte France, avec la participation du CNC